Top 15 Hottest Billionaires In The World

There are tons of world famous celebs out there who many people would deem to be hot as hell, celebs who have blossomed during their time in the limelight, as actresses, singers, models, and who have been ranked as some of the hottest women in the word.

There are also women who are at the top of their various professions, whether in show business as celebrities, or as businesswomen themselves, and have acquired quite a decent sum of wealth over the years. Some women are lucky enough to have both – blessed with beauty and the brains to ensure their bank balances are always looking healthy – but very few are quite as fortunate as these rich beauties. These women are members of a prestigious group; women who are rich, not just rich, but super wealthy, and are supremely beautiful. More often than not, when talking about celebs or powerful figures, we’re talking about their earnings in the millions, but not this time. This time I’m going to be talking about their bank balances in the billions; yes, these are some of the wealthiest women – people in general – on the planet. Some are rich because of their families, others have made their fortunes themselves.

This is the ultimate combo, and this article’s about women who have it all, the riches – some of them have a lot of fame – and the looks. These 15 billionaires are real head-turners and are renowned for their beauty as much as for their bank balances. So, here they are, the 15 hottest billionaires on the planet.

15. Marie Besnier Beauvalot

Marie Besnier Beauvalot is in her mid-30s now, and she’s certainly enjoyed a very privileged 35 years. Marie’s one person who was born wealthy – she has her dad and grandad to thank for giving her the means to lead the type of glamorous lifestyle she leads.

Her grandad started it all off. André Besnier was the founder of the Besnier Group, which is today known as Lactalis. Due to the family’s wealth, you’d think that Lactalis is a major banking corporation or something along those lines, right? Well, it’s actually a dairy production company; yes, the French family became world famous and earned their billions by producing and selling dairy products.

Initially, the company started out as a cheese-making company, but the Besniers then branched out, around the time Marie’s dad got involved. In 2000, Marie, along with her brothers, inherited the whole company, thus making her estimated worth US$2.5 billion.

The billionaire heiress is also absolutely stunning; look at her and you’d mistake her for an actress or model of some sort.

14. Tamara Ecclestone

Ok, so this one’s a bit more of a famous name. Tamara Ecclestone is known to the masses, first and foremost for being the daughter of billionaire, Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie’s a British business magnate who achieved his fame for basically managing and control Formula One.

Tamara has a lot to owe to her father, but she’s also where she is today in regards to her fame – perhaps not money-wise – due to her own antics. Like a lot of other notable heiresses, Tamara’s dabbled in modeling, is a socialite, and has become a notable television personality of late too. She’s earned a lot of her corn in this manner, but it has to be said, she’s done everything for fame rather than money. Money’s one thing that’s never been in short supply in Tamara’s life.

The fact that she’s stunningly beautiful has also helped her become the paparazzi’s and tabloid’s favorite girl. This is one woman with cash to burn who certainly knows how to work it – she just loves living the high life.

13. Perenna Kei

Perenna Kei is someone who’ll most certainly make a lot of people jealous. She’s hot, got a ton of cash, and has achieved everything that’s come her way at a very young age. Yes. Perenna is a billionaire and she has been since the age of 24. You could say that Perenna is wealthy because of her family’s companies, but she’s made plenty of shrewd business decisions on her own, decisions which mean she became a billionaire.

Perenna was born in Hong Kong and soon got a taste for that whole business lifestyle. Her family made their fortune through real estate and by making smart business moves, investing in other companies.

Today, Perenna owns 85% of Logan Property Holdings and is also a non-executive director of the company. She’s one of the youngest and hottest billionaires around; a real estate princess who lives a lifestyle of royalty and is fortunate enough to be blessed with stunning beauty.

US$1.3 billion by the age of 24 – not bad.

12. Charlotte Casiraghi

Italian industrialist Charlotte Casiraghi, looking at her, could very well pass for an Italian model, but if that was to happen and she got into modeling, I don’t think her royal family would approve. Charlotte lives a life of luxury, the life of a royal, and she has every right to, not just because she has the means to do so and because she’s loaded, but because she is actual royalty.

As of today, Charlotte’s eighth in line to the throne of Monaco, so a pretty long wait then, but she’s certainly not waiting, twiddling her thumbs – she’s a go-getter and has made a successful career for herself as a published writer and editor. She’s got a number of other occupations too – as you would if you were royalty – but finds time to enjoy her love of fashion, writing about and attending fashion shows around the world. Charlotte’s fashionable but also incredibly beautiful, certainly one of the hottest and wealthiest royals on the planet.

11. Sara Blakely

American billionaire businesswomen Sara Blakely is approaching her 50s now, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t look absolutely stunning. She’s a blonde bombshell who’s also one of the most powerful, and is rated as one of the most influential women on the planet. No can really argue with that after knowing what she’s achieved.

Firstly, Sara’s one of only a few women on this list who became a billionaire off the back of her own blood, sweat, and tears. She didn’t inherit a penny – she built her fortune herself.

Initially, after finishing college, she worked odd jobs, but had this idea for a business at the back of her mind. She spent her savings trying to develop her hosiery idea, what we now know as Spanx, and after plenty of trials and tribulations, plenty of troubles along the way, the business took off, and with her at the helm, it blossomed into an almighty success – a success story that’s made Sara worth about US$1.04 billion.

10. Julia Louis Dreyfus

Julia Louis Dreyfus is worth $3.4 billion. How, you might be thinking – she’s an actress, comedian and producer, and basically a celebrity figure, and, no disrespect, there are other better and more prominent actresses and comedians around – so how the hell is she a billionaire? Well, her dad just so happened to be a billionaire. Her father, Gerard (aka William) Louis-Dreyfus, was a successful businessman who was part of the famous Louis-Dreyfus Company.

Julia’s great-great grandad founded the company, Louis Dreyfus Group, which is a French commodities and shipping corporation, and it’s a company that’s been controlled by her family through the ages.

Julia’s parents divorced when she was just one, but she still maintained a close relationship with her dad. She didn’t feel the need to get on board and carry on in the family’s business, neither did her siblings, and her dad was totally fine with that. When Gerard passed away in 2016, she ended up inheriting a vast sum of wealth, which when added to her already sizable bank balance, makes for a pretty hefty sum.

9. Anna Anisimova

Anna Anisimova has made a name for herself for being the woman about town, kind of a Russian Paris Hilton, except that she’s got a hell of a lot more cash in her pocket.

Anna’s dad is the metal magnate Vasily Anisimov. After his daughter was killed in Russia, he sent Anna off to live in the United States, and that’s when she rose to prominence and discovered how fun it could be spending her dad’s hard-earned megabucks in the Big Apple. Her parents wanted her to be in the limelight and pushed her to pursue modeling, then when that didn’t work out, university, but with so much wealth, why waste your time getting an education? Anna dropped out and became a socialite in New York, partying, shopping, getting in the papers – just generally doing what socialites do – much to her dad’s dismay. She then decided to “create a realtor empire and conquer New York” before her ambitions changed yet again to acting. She’s now quite a prominent actress and producer, and is beginning to make waves on the acting scene. Being strikingly beautiful and having a ton of cash certainly opens plenty of doors!

8. Aerin Lauder

You’ve probably all heard of the Lauder family, certainly Estée Lauder. She co-founded the famous cosmetics company and was regarded to be a business genius and one of the world’s most influential people.

It’s no surprise then, that her granddaughter wanted to emulate her feats in the world of business. With such a successful company already up and running, getting involved with Estée Lauder Companies was a no-brainer for Aerin Lauder. She completed her education, but she started to get involved in the family business while she was in college, before taking up a permanent position within the company after her degree. She’s also branched out and done things by herself within the company, creating her own furniture and accessories collections. All of this, and the fact that she owns 16 million shares in the company, has meant she’s worth $1 billion. Add to that the money her investment banker husband is making, and the couple’s raking in the cash.

7. Vanisha Mittal

Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal is worth $16.4 Billion and is one of the richest people on the planet. He was once the sixth richest person in the world, although he’s dropped down the list over the last few years. He’s a highly-acclaimed business person, one of the world’s most influential and powerful people, and today, holds a number of high-profile positions with some esteemed companies in the world of business, while his bank account continues to swell with his work in the steel industry.

His only daughter, Vanisha Mittal, is famous in some circles, pretty much just for being Lakshmi’s daughter. She made headlines in 2004 when her lavish Indian wedding was the second-most expensive wedding of all time, and she’s number one of the list of daughters of the world’s richest individuals. Since getting married, she’s worked as director for various companies within the Mittal group and has continued to get involved in her dad’s line of work.

6. Dylan Lauren

Wow! Dylan Lauren is absolutely stunning! Since she’s involved in fashion, you’d expect Dylan to have some elegance about her, but it certainly helps when you’re beautiful too. She’s acquired her wealth by being known as the woman of style – it’s little surprise she gotten that tag and got involved in the industry when you consider who her parents are.

Her dad is world famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren. He’s put together a multibillion-dollar enterprise, of which Dylan is now a part of. But Dylan has also branched out and made a success of things on her own. She’s a mightily successful businesswoman in her own right and today, in addition to being Ralph’s daughter, is known for being the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York, the largest candy store in the world.

Stylish, sophisticated, beautiful, and rich beyond belief, Dylan has it all, and has continued to carry on the Lauren success story.

5. Holly Branson

Hear the name Branson on this list of billionaires, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out who Holly is. She’s the daughter of billionaire Sir Richard Branson, business magnate and investor, someone who likes to have his hands in many different pies and is involved in over 400 different companies. One of Branson’s mottos has always been “say yes to everything,” and it certainly seems like he’s said yes a lot!

With her dad being involved in so many different companies, you’d think it would be inevitable that Holly would join Virgin Group, and of course, she did. But she also had her own aspirations, and made them happen. She’s a qualified doctor, and even worked in hospitals in London as a junior doctor. She then decided to get involved in her dad’s businesses, and is still involved in that line of work today. Beauty and brains, not to mention riches – Holly’s the complete package.

4. Georgina Bloomberg

And the daughters of the rich and famous just keep on coming. This time it’s Georgina Bloomberg, daughter ofMichael Bloomberg, American businessman, author and politician. Michael’s one seriously rich dude; he’s the 8thrichest person in the U.S. and the 10th richest on the planet. He’s been involved in plenty over the years, and was even considering a run for the Presidency on one occasion; another billionaire businessman could have been in charge of the country! So, unsurprisingly, Georgina’s never been hard up for a bit of cash. She’s worth $18 billion, and unlike many other heiresses, she’s used her money productively, rather than just being a socialite, a woman about town. She’s achieved success in her own right, and is mainly involved in charities and philanthropic projects. The free-spirited Bloomberg also loves her horses and is a professional equestrian. Looks like she’s a well-rounded individual, not your bratty spoilt rich kid by any means.

3. Amanda Hearst

American socialite, activist, fashion model and editor, Amanda Hearst has many occupations to her name. However, the one that means her bank balance will never be deficient is the fact that she’s heiress to the Hearst Corporation, her great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst’s media conglomerate. Amanda has William to thank for her fortunate upbringing. The media mogul built a massive newspaper chain and got involved in various other aspects of the media, dealings which his family have carried on after his demise. Amanda hasn’t really thrown herself wholeheartedly into the family business, but has dabbled in it here and there, preferring instead to pursue her own ambitions. She’s made a name for herself as a model, and for campaigning against the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills, something she’s taken far and feels very strongly about. Being a model, it’s also no surprise that Amanda’s absolutely stunning – a no-brainer for this list as she’s one of the hottest billionaires around.

2. Josie Ho

Read about Josie Ho’s accomplishments, and if you didn’t know about Macau’s business world, you’d have no clue that Josie’s got a vast sum of money in the bank. She’s one of the most intriguing billionaire heiresses as she’s not really involved in her father’s line of work.

Her dad, Stanley Ho, is regarded to be the “King of Gambling,” as he was basically in charge of the Macau gambling industry. He’s also held a number of positions with some of China’s top firms, and has a net worth of $US 2 billion. He’s getting on a bit now and is in his mid-90s, and has begun splitting his wealth, sharing it amongst his kids – he has 17 children!

What’s it like to be one of those 17 kids? Well, Josie’s got a nice sum in the bank because of it, and because she’s a famous actress and singer, that already sizable amount of cash has gotten ever bigger.

1. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is absolutely stunning. She’s certainly the hottest person walking around the White House, and whenever she’s photographed, she always looks as if she’s just walked in straight off of a modeling shoot. She has, unsurprisingly done some modeling, although now she’s President Donald Trump’s assistant, it seems as if her modeling days are behind her. As part of her dad’s inner circle, Ivanka holds a tremendous amount of power, is filthy rich, beautiful – evidently, she got her mother’s looks – and because of her current position, has become one of the most high-profile women in the world.

Her sultry pics from her days as a model used to send the internet into meltdown. She sparks an Internet storm every time she posts, and people just can’t get enough of her. Before her dad was elected, we’d also begun seeing more and more of Ivanka on TV and she was making a name for herself as a TV personality, but now things have started to get serious.



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