The best countries for career and money

Life abroad is a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge and open your horizons. But it can also be a good opportunity to do the impossible: to save for your future.

Every year, HSBC conducts surveys involving thousands of foreign residents in more than 190 countries to evaluate the best countries for foreigners looking to make a career. The 2018 survey took into account the three factors: economic, experience and family. The list below includes the best countries in terms of financial, which are best for you to make a career.

 Czech Republic

Διαφάνεια 37 από 45: Its educated and skilled workforce has helped attract large companies to the Czech Republic. Many companies offer high salaries for senior positions, as well as generous benefits.
The country’s highly skilled workforce has attracted major companies in the country. Many of these companies offer high salaries as well as many benefits.


Διαφάνεια 38 από 45: Austria offers good opportunities for those in the banking and tourism industries. Expat salaries are high, particular for those in managerial positions.
Austria offers good opportunities in the banking and tourism sectors. The salaries of foreign workers are high, especially those of senior executives.


Διαφάνεια 39 από 45: Besides offering plenty of opportunities in the energy sector, Canada has also expanded its finance, real estate and communications industries. Salaries tend to be higher in Canada than in the US and the UK, particularly in mining, oil/gas drilling and telecommunications.
Beyond the opportunities it offers in the energy sector, Canada has expanded in the areas of economy, real estate and telecommunications. Τhe salaries in Canada are higher than in the US and especially in the mining and telecommunications sectors.


Διαφάνεια 40 από 45: The country's innovative industries attract expats from all over the world. Expat salaries are high, as are the cost of living.
Innovative industries in the country attract expatriates from all over the world. The salaries are high as well as living costs too.

The Netherlands

Διαφάνεια 41 από 45: The economically robust country offers good career prospects in food processing, chemicals, gas and oil. Expat salaries tend to be high, but expats must prove they have a skill no local applicant does.
The country’s strong economy offers good career prospects in the fields of food processing, chemicals, oil and gas. The salaries are high, but immigrants have to prove they have skills that do not have any native candidate.

United Arab Emirates

Διαφάνεια 42 από 45: The country has a small population, meaning its economy depends on skilled expats. In fact, more than 80% of its workforce is made up of expats.
The population of the country is small, which means that the economy is based on specialized expatriate workers. It is a fact that 80% of its workforce is made up of foreigners.


Διαφάνεια 43 από 45: Singapore's thriving, high-paced economy offers good opportunities for expats. Salaries tend to be high, particularly for positions in finance and marketing.
Singapore’s fast-rising economy offers great opportunities to foreign workers. The salaries are usually high, especially in the areas of economics and marketing.


Διαφάνεια 44 από 45: Europe's strongest economy offers great career advancement opportunities for highly qualified expats. Salaries tend to be high, particularly for those in managerial positions.
Europe’s strongest economy offers significant career opportunities for skilled expatriate workers. The salaries are high, especially in the highest positions.


Διαφάνεια 45 από 45: Norway has a booming economy brimming with opportunities. Salaries are high, but so is the cost of living.
The Norwegian economy offers endless opportunities. The salaries are high but the cost of living does not go back.






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