Top 8 trips you have to organize in December

What are the best places to visit this winter on the basis of weather conditions, cultural events and, of course, the cost in relation to the “peak season”?

If you decide to travel in December, your selections will not be the same as those you would have done if you had chosen to travel a month or a month later, we chose eight destinations each with a different character.

Krakow, Poland

Τα top 8 ταξίδια που πρέπει να οργανώσετε μέσα στον Δεκέμβριο

The atmosphere in Krakow reminds of a Christmas fairytale. When white snow covers the city the walk in the biggest medieval square of Europe is a journey in time. Krakow is an immense open-air museum full of treasures of Gothic and Renaissance art, an ideal destination for Christmas for those not afraid of the low temperatures. The city is famous for its atmospheric jazz bars and vodka.

Vienna, Austria

Τα top 8 ταξίδια που πρέπει να οργανώσετε μέσα στον Δεκέμβριο

The magic of Christmas has been living in Vienna for years. Apart from the Christmas markets – the attraction of tourists – the city with its imposing palace is in itself the ideal backdrop for celebrations. Strauss balls and chocolate candies, carriage rides and futuristic museums. It is without a doubt the insurmountable Christmas destination.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko of Bulgaria combines attractive prices and modern infrastructure, strolling cobbled paths and frantic entertainment in a luxurious club. Its plus is easy access for the Greeks. The ski center has slopes for every level, and there is the possibility for various sports except for skiing and snowboarding.

Bath, England

Τα top 8 ταξίδια που πρέπει να οργανώσετε μέσα στον Δεκέμβριο

If you insist on European, the choice is Bath of England. The city has one of the most important Christmas markets in the country. The atmosphere is extremely festive. You can enjoy a warm wine by walking around the wooden benches loaded with gifts.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Τα top 8 ταξίδια που πρέπει να οργανώσετε μέσα στον Δεκέμβριο

Are you looking for frosty temperatures with baroque backgrounds and neoclassical buildings? St Petersburg, the most beautiful Russian city, combines a dull atmosphere on a fairytale scenery. Give a Christmas appointment to the Neva river with the Baltic and change time by tasting 215 different vodkas!

Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome … In December, Piazza Navona turns into a huge Christmas market, while in St. Peter’s Square a real mansion is set up. If you choose the Eternal City for celebrations it is worth to stay until January 5, the day Befana is celebrated, the most ancient Italian Christmas tradition that dates back to the 13th century.

Miami, Florida

Τα top 8 ταξίδια που πρέπει να οργανώσετε μέσα στον Δεκέμβριο

If you belong to those who want to travel to the opposite side of the Atlantic, the first choice is Miami in Florida. The New Year’s Eve party in Miami is unique as the parties begin on the terraces of the buildings and end up on the beach at high temperatures.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

If you are still a sworn friend of Latin America, you can only go to Punta del Este in Uruguay, known as “the Monaco of the South” or “Hampton of South America”. Argentines and Brazilians give a traditional city-resort appointment to play at the casino and have fun at the renowned bar-restaurant in latin rhythms.






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