Aston Martin DBS shows (and is) threatening

A look at her name to throw – not the brand, but the model – and you will feel it has something … Greek. DBS Superleggera is not an invalid name but an old name (DBS) aspiring to conquer the modern era.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is about to get in for the good in our lives and based on its “deadly” design, it has come to stay.

DBS Superleggera is not only very beautiful. It is also very powerful, since the 5,200 cubic V12 delivers with the help of two turbo, 725 horsepower. Of course, the performance is excellent, since 0-100 km / h does not last more than 3.4 seconds, at a speed of 340 km / h.

DBS Supeleggera will be available later this year at a price that will be in Central Europe at 275,000 euros.

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