Oscar 2019: 100,000$ gifts for the candidates, what is included?

The famous bag to be awarded to each contender for the prize (especially to directors and actors) this year will include about 100 prizes worth $ 100,000 (88,000 euros). In detail what the package contains.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για oscars winners

The typical stereotype “Everybody is Winners, The Significance Is Participation” goes beyond the Oscars. At least for their main categories, where more than 20 candidates will leave the room loaded with lots of gifts, or at the end of the night they will take home the gold statuette or not.
In the last 17 events of the most prestigious film awards, a marketing company in Los Angeles has secured the permission to offer the 25 contenders of the most important awards – especially to the actors and directors – a package, or “bag”, with gifts, full of with products and offers of all kinds. This year, as the Forbes magazine points out, the famous bag will include about 100 prizes worth $ 100,000 (88,000 euros).
According to the same magazine, he managed to “decipher” 53 of the gifts to be shared by contenders, ranging from simple everyday objects to luxury experiences. The most valuable is a $ 15-20,000 value journey, where celebrities are invited to choose between four destinations: Iceland, Galápagos Islands, Amazon, or a package for Costa Rica and Panama. For example, the excursion to Amazonia will include a cruise for observing rare birds, monkeys and turtles. This of Iceland will also include a cruise on various islands and the famous cliffs of the island, as well as a visit to the capital of Reykjavik. But these are not the only trips included in the package: Among other things the offer includes Greece, as artists will be able to spend one week in luxurious villas in Halkidiki!
The famous ones who will receive the package – and of course their names will not be announced, but no one can guess who they are, as this year the main and most prominent candidates are Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Rami Malek , Glen Klouz, Emma Stone and Vigo Mortensen – will also be able to “attend special phobias therapy sessions” by a qualified scientist. In addition, they earn an annual subscription to the closed private social club and MTA in Los Angeles, whose exclusive members are allowed to use cannabis, which has been legitimate since last year in the State of California. They will also have the option of a personal training program from a famous Angler City trainer.
In addition, the gifts include a bottle of French absinthe, a crystal portrait, a breakfast in Los Cobos, Mexico, various beauty products such as mascara, luxury shampoo, hair dryer, or a personal scent, aromatic candles, a lapis lazuli bracelet , a quarterly subscription to The Wall Street Journal months, or … a silent breast milk pump! The most common gifts included in the pack are a toothpaste and an oral solution, a packet of bath salts and another with false eyelashes, six lemonades, t-shirts and jerseys, chocolate without lactose and gluten, pen, biscuits and one bathroom brush in emoji and phosphorescent in the dark.
As the same company explains, it is clear that all these stars can very well pay for these products: “What motivates us is a sense of charity,” they explain on their website. “We make these gifts for the same reason that $ 20 million is paid for each movie: why their personal identity has great added value.” So, as the managers of the same company point out, “the world is getting used to more jealous the gifts we make to artists than by appreciation,” underlining that “companies need to do their own marketing and advertising to stay in the game of the market: the more success these offers have, the more profits they will have and so they will be willing to offer more to charity programs through corporate responsibility. It is a situation that everyone gains. “

This article was originally published on: https://www.cnn.gr

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