The Sexy photo of Cristiano Ronaldo who threw the instagram!

Cristiano Ronaldo poses half-naked between two bathtubs and fire Instagram

The famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo counted about 156 million followers in his Instagram profile at the beginning of March, making him the “king” of the popular social media player.

This is another chance to qualify as Cristiano Ronaldo, apart from a top footballer, is considered by many and a very sexy guy.

It is no coincidence that he also has several admirers who are not interested in his football skills at all.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is quite active in Instagram, shares moments of his everyday life with his 160 million followers. Looking at his account, you will see family moments, photos with his companion, Tzortzina Rodriguez, and his teammates at Juventus.

His last photo, however, managed to revolutionize his followers, as he is certainly one of the most sexy he has ever worn. Cristiano Ronaldo poses half-naked between two bathtubs.

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