Jason Statham’s typical weekly workout

Whether or not he has to star in a movie with high fitness requirements or not (always, yes), Jason Statham has a steady daily workout routine, which he has followed sincerely for decades. Actor’s personal coach, Logan Hood, reveals below how the action superstar, who is currently preparing his body for the next Fast & Furious sequel, is working out.

Deaths based on one maximal repetition

The goal of achieving a very high risk of death, without risk of injury, is to measure the total net muscle strength of the entire body at a maximum repeat. This requires appropriate preparation, which is divided into three parts:

  • Warming up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine, after push-ups, pull-ups and deadweight semi-loads.
  • Exercise basic exercise: Start with a bar at 35% of the maximum repeat (10 times) and weight change by 20% in each successive set (with two or three times reduced repetitions). The break between sets should not exceed three minutes.
  • Rehabilitation: Swimming in the pool for 20 minutes or trampoline for 10 minutes. Both choices harmoniously develop the kinetic ability of the muscles and joints, while burning more fat than the muscles.

Functional exercises

The whole body workout with exercises involving multiple muscles and joints is divided into two parts:

  • Warming up: Rowing machine for 10 minutes and then 4 sets of 4 non-intermittent exercises (pull ups with rings, walking the farmer with kettlebells), with minimum rest between 10-second exercises.
  • Exercise of basic exercises: Each cycle includes 5 exercises with light weights for 10 times and in continuous flow – chest bar, pull-ups, push-ups on bench, upright pressures with a bar over the head and knee ridges in the monsoon. Statham starts with 10 repetitions of all exercises (one set), takes a break for two minutes and continues the next one with 9 reps and completes the last round with 8 reps.

HIIT on the rowing machine

  • Warming up: 10 minutes of rowing in a mild tempo.
  • Perform basic exercise: Six minutes at sprint speed, three minutes at warm-up rate (one set). Repeat for six cycles.
  • Rehabilitation: 500 meters walking the farmer with kettlebells, as fast as possible.


  • Warm-up: rowing for 10 minutes and immediately after 20 body weight classes.
  • Exercise basic exercise: With the bar resting on the chest, Statham performs 5 sets of 5 repetitions, at 105% of his body weight.

Flexibility exercises

  • Warming up: rowing for 10 minutes.
  • Performing basic exercises: 7 meter rope climbing 5 times, 5 repetitions of chest bar, 5 blows of medical ball on the floor, 15-foot push stroke 5 times, 10 repetitions of chest pressures on the bench, 10 blows of medical ball on the floor , 15 slamming and 20 batlle ropes. All exercises in a cycle without intervals.

Aerobic training

Running, fast walking, cycling, martial arts. Your choice should be no less than 70 minutes. Jason, of course, chooses the martial arts.


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