Tabata: with this exercise method you will burn more fat

Makes your heart healthier, burns more calories, increases the chances of losing weight, and each exercise set takes just four minutes.

What exercise does this do? Tabata, a high-intensity breakout workout that has proven to be one of the most effective in burning fat.

However, Tabata is primarily an exercise method based on intensity variations as follows: 20 seconds of exercise at high intensity, 10 seconds of rest, and the same exercise in repeat 8 times within four minutes.

Although the technique of Tabata is considered to belong to the coach of the Japanese Olympic team Irisawa Koichi, Izumi Tabata was the one who finally proved how effective the Tabata method is in losing fat and how much it benefits the heart. In other words, he demonstrated that those who follow this exercise can be made weaker and healthier.

The exercises included in each Tabata lesson depend on the trainer who adjusts them to the needs of the trainers. Seats and push-ups can be included in a Tabata lesson along with a range of other exercises targeting different muscle groups. During Tabata, the practitioner makes a great effort, his heartbeat rises and thus burns more calories and improves his metabolism.

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